Barangay Clearance is required when you get a police clearance and it is used in the different transactions like applying for a bank account, business permit, mayor’s permit and etc.

Barangay Clearance
This is the sample of Barangay Clearance including the details of your residency. Most of the applicants are using this certificate for applying an important document and for applying for a new job. Barangay Clearance has no expiry date but most of the company is requesting to submit a new certificate or less than 6 months.

Barangay Clearance is easy to obtain like Cedula since it is proof of your residency in the Philippines. Other barangay hall required that you’re a registered voter in their place before you obtain the Barangay Clearance.

Barangay Clearance is only available in your cities barangay, maybe just only a few steps in your place to go there. unlike police clearance or NBI clearance that you need to go to their assigned office station. Unlike other clearances, it takes half or a whole day before you obtain it.

Make sure that you coordinate first to your nearest Barangay for your residency clarifications. The total processing time is approximate 20-30 minutes only. So here are the few and easy steps for getting a Barangay Clearance

Last Update: August 20, 2019


Note: Some barangay’s not required to have a cedula since they are already registered in the barangay database.

How to Get Barangay Clearance

1. Application Form

    • Go to the nearest barangay hall and show them your Cedula or any requirements that they request to you and fill out the application form with your complete details.

2. Assessment

    • Once you are done to your application form, submit it to the assigned staff to start the encoding and verification of your account. This process will take about 15-20min, so wait for them to call you.

3. Photo Capture

    • After the process of encoding and some verification of your personal background, you will now proceed to the photo capturing. Barangay staff will assist you in the camera posture and photo capturing. After this, they will now prepare and print your Barangay Clearance.

4. Payment

    • Once they call you, prepare approximately Php50.00 – Php.100.00 payment. The barangay clearance application fee is estimated only since other barangays have a different calculation of their payment. So make sure you have to bring extra money.

5. Releasing

    • Once you are done the whole process, Its time to release your requested barangay clearance and the next procedure is putting a thumb mark on the clearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Barangay Clearance?

The Barangay Clearance is one of the requirements before mayor issues a permit or license to build a business in a barangay. This clearance is available from the village where the business will be built or done.

The requirements for obtaining any certification or document are stated in your Citizen’s Charter of your barangay.

Some examples of this are:

It is not necessary to be a registered voter in the barangay where your business is located.

2. What is Barangay Certificate of Residency?

The Barangay Certificate of Residency is a document certifying for your stay in a barangay. You can apply and get a barangay certification from a barangay where you have been living for six (6) months or more.

3. Does Barangay Clearance expire?

Barangay Clearance has no expiry since it is used as a legal certificate of residency in the Philippines. However, If the purpose of your Barangay Clearance is to use in applying for a new job, most of the company is required to submit them the new Barangay Clearance Certificate or less than 6 months of old.