Cedula is a legal identity document issued in the Philippines by the Cities, Barangays and even City Municipalities for those at least 18 years old and above. Community Tax Certificate is one of the primary forms of a national system of identification in the Philippines. 

It is also the easiest clearance issued by the Philippine government that you can get if you’re looking for a new job or applying a new application. So its really important to have it. I know you asked me: “How it becomes so easy to get since other identification cards and clearances claiming that is also easy to get?”.

How to Get Cedula
The Community Tax Certificate is also known as Cedula is a secondary identification certificate which is also a legal document issued in the Philippines.

Okay, let me tell you first that the other identification card is also easy to get, but the other identification card or clearances takes an hour or half a day and it depends on the process of the application. Like police clearance that it takes half a day or barangay clearance that it takes approximately twenty (20) minutes to thirty (30) minutes. So my answer to your question “how long will get the cedula? It takes 10-15 minutes only”. and yes it’s possible.

You want to know how? So here is the step-by-step procedure for applying & get the Cedula.

Again, don’t forget that if you are looking for a new job the Cedula is the first requirement that you need to have. Additionally, It is used when you apply for a government Identification such as Postal ID, TIN ID, Barangay Clearance, Police Clearance when you start for new business and also the passport application.

How can I get Cedula

1. Requirements

    • Must 18 years old and above
    • Unemployed client/applicant – Any valid ID
    • Employed client/applicant – Proof of income (Form W2 or BIR Form 2316 – Issued by the employer)
    • Business owner – Appropriate proof of income and/or assessment

Before you obtain the Cedula in your Barangay or City Municipalities, make sure that you are already 18 years old and above since this is the primary requirement to get the Cedula.

Most of the applicant who wants to obtain the Cedula is employed or for employment purposes which are required that you have a valid ID with your complete name, address, status and etc. However, some of the Barangays are not required to bring this requirement.

2. Go to Barangay Hall, City Hall or Municipal Hall.

Basically, like the other office in the Philippines Barangay Hall, City Hall, and City Municipalities are open from Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 am. During holiday government establishment is closed.

3. Application Form

Fill up the application form as required for certain information and make sure to check it twice before you submit.

    • Full Name
    • Complete Address
    • Birthdate
    • Birth Place
    • Civil Status
    • Nationality
    • Gross Annual Income of the Taxpayer. [For Employed Only]
    • Signature

4. Encoding and Photo Capture

Once you submit the application, you need to wait to call you to proceed in photo capturing and for data verification of the barangay staff. You need to again for data encoding on their system. Processing time usually takes 5-7 minutes.

5. Payment

Prepare your payment as to assign the amount by the revenue collection clerk/staff. Processing time usually takes 1-2 minutes.

6. Releasing

Releasing of Cedula and issuance of the Official Receipt given by revenue collection clerk/staff. Make sure that the triplicate Cedula was signed and has a thumb mark. Processing time usually takes 1-2 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Does Cedula have an expiration?

    Yes, After you get your Cedula the validity is valid for 1 year only. For example, if you get the Cedula on March 1, 2019, it will be expired after April 1, 2019.

  2. How much the payment for Cedula?

    In this case, the amount of payment for Cedula is depended on the client, If the client is unemployed, it’s usually under Php100. If the client/applicant used the Cedula for business or an employed person, the amount of payment need to pay would be higher but it shouldn’t be exceeded in Php5,000. As a reference, the computation that needs to pay are indicated below of community tax certificate for the business owner, employed a person or even derive income from real state properties.

    • Gross receipts or earnings derived from the business during the preceding year. [Php1.00 for every Php1,000]
    • Salaries of gross receipt or earnings derived from the exercise of profession or pursuit of any occupation. [Php1.00 for every Php1,000]
    •  Income from real state property. [Php1.00 for every Php1,000]
  3. Are Cedula available online?

    Some of the cities provide online registration for applying a Cedula, this procedure is faster and avoid any inconvenience for those client/ applicants who wants to apply on it. The process of online registration is the same as other governments online application, Just fill-up and complete all the information about yourself. However, the amount that you need to pay for this application is estimated because it will be revealed online with the proper calculation.

    Here are the samples of Cedula online registration.

  4. Can I get Cedula from other cities?

    Yes, you can get Cedula in any barangay hall in the Philippines.