Last Updated: Oct. 11, 2019

NBI Clearance is one of the most important documents needed when you are looking for a new job. This is not a new rule of a public and private company for their requirements.

The NBI Clearance before is not easy to obtain since you need to go in their NBI offices and take a battle of a long line of people while doing the whole day process of applying and obtaining your NBI clearance.

So if you are looking for a job during that time, you need to take a week or 2 to 3 days to complete your requirements before you start a new job.

On April 1, 2015, The NBI or National Bureau of Investigation starts the implementation of the NBI Clearance Online Application. The goal is to provide the fastest and convenient process of the NBI Clearance Application thru their online system registration.

NBI Clearance Requirements


Newly graduate or first-time applicants are required to present any two (2) government valid IDs. Including those have a correction, changes and error in their NBI Clearance are also required to present their valid IDs.

This is the list for Valid IDs for your NBI Clearance Application:

2. APPLICATION FORM(Will be obtain in NBI Clearance Online)

3. REFERENCE NUMBER (Will be obtain in NBI Clearance Online)

What is NBI Clearance Purpose?

NBI Clearance has a lot of options if we discuss the legality of this application. One of the samples:

  • PROOF OF IDENTITY – You can use this as proof of identity. The NBI Clearance recognized now as an identification card for a different transaction.
  • LOCAL EMPLOYMENT – As I mentioned above, The NBI Clearance may also be used for local employment as a reference to the companies that you are clear in any criminal case in the Philippines.
  • CORRECTION OF AN ERROR – It may also use as a correction of an error in documents with your birth certificate or marriage certificate.
  • IMMIGRATION PURPOSES – NBI Clearance may use in immigration purposes if you decided to work abroad or have a vacation in different countries.

Today, NBI Clearance is more convenient than before since they launch the NBI Clearance Online registration that you may able to get an appointment scheduled on their website.

I will discuss to you the right and easiest way to register and to have a schedule in their official NBI Clearance portal. Step-by-Step!

Take Note: Expect that the schedule for NBI Clearance Online is more likely when you applying for a new passport. The slot will be available depends on the NBI appointment schedule. So take more early to register your NBI Clearance since you cannot decide what schedule you want to have.



Email Address for NBI Clearance Online Registration

  • You must prepare an email address such as, or On this sample, I will recommend you to make an email address in Gmail platform. Gmail is very secure and reliable in its security features.
  • Email address will be used to verify and received the confirmation for One-Time Password (OTP) from NBI Clearance application.


A. Visit on NBI Clearance Online website:

B. There are two (2) options before you decide to register in NBI Clearance Online.

I. Check the “YES” box if you are issued an Old NBI Clearance from 2014 to the present.

NBI Clearance Online Registration For Old Applicant

Where do I find the NBI ID NUMBER?

NBI ID Number

II. Check the “NO” box if you are first time user to apply an NBI Clearance.

NBI Clearance Online Registration For New Applicant

Important Reminders: Fill-out carefully the application form with your complete personal details and make sure that your email address is active. The NBI Clearance registration online will accept one email for one user only so make sure that check your email before you proceed to the online registration.


A. OTP ON EMAIL – You will now receive a “One-Time Password” also known as OTP in your registered email address. Make sure that you check your “spam folder” if you didn’t find the message of NBI Clearance OTP in your “inbox“.

NBI Clearance OTP Email

B. INPUT THE OTP Once you received the one-time password (OTP) in your registered email address. Proceed in the NBI Clearance website and put the one-time password code in the OTP box.

NBI Clearance OTP Website

C. OTP VIA TEXT – If you didn’t receive any one-time password (OTP) in your email address. You can re-send the OTP code via your registered “mobile number“.

NBI Clearance Text OTP


A. SIGN IN YOUR ACCOUNT – Once you have successfully registered your NBI Clearance online account. You will now able to log-in your account using the “email address” and “password” you provide.

NBI Clearance Login

B. NBI CLEARANCE APPLICATION FORM – You will now proceed to the NBI Clearance platform. Here, you need to complete all your personal details in the box. Make sure that all your personal details are correct.

NBI Clearance Fill-out Application Form

C. UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO Once you completed all your personal details in the application form, you will now able to upload your photo. Just to make sure that you use your Photo ID with a clean/white background.

NBI Clearance Application Form


A. APPLY FOR CLEARANCE The next step is “Click” the “Apply for Clearance” and it will continue to schedule an appointment for your NBI Clearance application form.


NBI Clearance Appointment Schedule

B. TYPE OF ID Confirmation will pop-up for a type of ID you want to bring in the NBI Clearance offices. This ID will be used to verify your account that you created. In this sample, I preferred to choose a Voter’s ID since I have a voter’s ID in my documents as proof of my identity.

NBI Clearance Type of ID

C. SELECT NBI BRANCHES – Select your NBI Branch that nearest to your current location. In this sample, I choose the NBI Clearance Cavite branch. Just “click” the search bar and lots of places will show below.

NBI Clearance Select Branch

D. CHOOSE YOUR SLOT (AM OR PM) – Choose the right date that fits your schedule. You can set your appointment schedule by selecting the AM or PM button. You will also see the numbers of slots available on that day.

NBI Clearance Date Schedule

E. PAYMENT INFORMATION – After you choose your appointment schedule, you will see the total amount of payment on the “right side” of your screen.

It will show the total amount of P130 pesos with an additional fee of P25 pesos that will be used for e-payment services.

Additionally, it will also show the appointment schedule you select and a simple reminder that you need to pay the multi-purpose clearance before it expires.

NBI Clearance Payment Information

F. PAYMENT OPTION – Choose the mode of payment for the NBI Clearance Online. In this sample, I preferred to choose the Bayad Center Outlets since it is near our place.

Note: Write down or take a screenshot of your reference number with QR code before you proceed to any payment outlet.

NBI Clearance Payment Option


  • BANK OVER THE COUNTER – You can send the payment for NBI application in any bank like BDO Cash Deposit w/ ref, BPI Bills Payment, Metro Bank Cash Payment, RobinsonsBank Cash Payment, and UnionBank Cash Payment.

NBI Clearance Bank Over the Counter

  • ONLINE BANK – You can send the payment thru online banking with their bank partners such as BDO Internet Banking, BPI ExpressOnline/Mobile (Fund Transfer), Metrobankdirect, Maybank Online Banking, RCBC Online Banking, Unionbank Internet Banking, and UCPB Connect.

NBI Clearance Online Bankr

  • BAYAD CENTER OUTLETS – If you have time to visit in any Bayad Center Outlets or LBC you can pay your online application using the reference number. Additional P25.00 for system fee.
NBI Clearance Payment Bayad Center
Sample of QR code and reference number using the Bayad Center or LBC payment.

  • BAYAD CENTER MOBILE APP – Another payment option is available for mobile users. You can download the Bayad Center Mobile App using an ios app store or google play store. Using the reference number or scan QR code you may able to pay using this application.
NBI Clearance Mobile App
Sample of QR code and reference number using the Bayad Center Mobile App payment.
  • ECPAY – Like Bayad Centers, ECPay or Electronic Commerce Payment is accepting payment with their partners like Petron Service Station, Pawnshops and many more.

NBI Clearance Bank ECPay

  • 7-ELEVEN – Convenient store like 7-eleven is now accepting payment for your NBI Clearance application. Just proceed to their 7-eleven branches and show the reference number.

NBI Clearance Bank 711

G. TRANSACTION STATUS – Once you are done to choose your payment option, you will now check the status of your application

NBI Clearance Bank Transactions

H. PAYMENT OF NBI CLEARANCE – After you pay the fee for your NBI Clearance online application, you will receive an email confirmation that you are successfully paid your pending transaction.

You may also go back to the NBI Clearance website to check the status of your payment that will change the application status from “pending” to “paid“.

I. PREPARATION FOR NBI SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT Once you are done to all the online process, you are now ready to proceed in NBI Clearance Office that you assign. Make sure to bring your printed application form, reference number and two (2) valid IDs.


Go to the NBI Clearance branch that you have chosen, including your application form, reference number and two (2) valid IDs.

Ask the security guard or any NBI personnel to assist you in the encoding station where the image capturing and biometrics will be taken.


If your name is clear, your NBI Clearance is ready to release. However, some of the situations that your NBI Clearance is not able to release.

  • The first reason is your application is “HIT“. It means that you have namesake that has involved in any suspicious activity.
  • If you will be asked to return after a few days, they will check your application form to make clear your identity.