PhilHealth MDR Online is one of the most important applications in PhilHealth. The Member Data Record or MDR is proof that you are a PhilHealth Member and it is one of the requirements if you need to process your PhilHealth hospitalization to claim your document benefits.

The PhilHealth Member Data Record contains your basic information, such as full name, address, PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN), employer group information (if employed), and declared dependents.

How to Get the PhilHealth MDR Online

1. PhilHealth Website

  • Type in the google search bar “PhilHealth“.
  • Click the link” of PhilHealth website

PhilHealth Website2. PhilHealth Online Services

Proceed to “Online Services” in the menu bar of the website.

PhilHealth Online Services

3. PhilHealth Member Inquiry

Click the “Member Inquiry (Register/Login)” under the Membership.

PhilHealth Member Inquiry

4. PhilHealth Member Log-in

Login your PhilHealth account by typing your “PhilHealth PIN” and “Password“.

Note: If you are not yet registered in PhilHealth online website, you can follow this guide PhilHealth Online Registration.

PhilHealth Member Login

5. PhilHealth Secret Question

After you log-in, you can answer the secret question that you provided upon your online registration.

Note: Secret question will randomly appear during your log-in, so make sure that you answer it correctly.

PhilHealth Secret Question

6. PhilHealth MDR Printing

You can now print your “PhilHealth MDR” or “Member Data Record“.

PhilHealth MDR PrintingHere is the sample of my “Member Data Record“, I decided to cover my personal information of my MDR. However, it shows your basic information about your PhilHealth Member Data Record such as member category, your basic information (gender, date of birth, place of birth, address and etc.). It also shows your current employer and your dependent information.

PhilHealth MDR Sample