To become a PhilHealth Online Member, you need to have a PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN). Like Social Security System or SSS, the PhilHealth number is one of the requirements in your PhilHealth online registration.

It contains membership, contribution, benefits, collection, accreditation, and other services under the PhilHealth online program. Aside from that, you can see here your PhilHealth Member Data Record or MDR which needed to verify your PhilHealth basic information before you claim medical and hospitalization benefits.

In this article, I will discuss the online registration of your PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) to monitor your contribution, benefits, and your services to PhilHealth.

But before that, let me know you that one of the requirements before you register in PhilHealth Online, you need to have your PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN).

How to Get the PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN)?

PhilHealth Identification Number

You will see the PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) in your PhilHealth ID which contains twelve (12) digit numbers. Obtaining the PhilHealth ID is quite easy, just follow the procedure in PhilHealth ID Cards.

How to Register in PhilHealth Online

1. My PhilHealth Portal

Open your browser and type this link PhilhealthAfter that, click “Online Services” at the top of the menu bar.

PhilHealth Online Registration 12. Member Inquiry

Proceed to the “Member Inquiry” and click “Register” or “Login“.

PhilHealth Online Registration 23. Registration

You will see the “Registration” button below of pin and password login bar.

PhilHealth Online Registration 044. Application Form

Now fill out all the basic information in the online application form including:

  • PhilHealth Information Number (you will see in your PhilHealth ID)
  • Personal Details including your full name, mobile no., email address, sex and birthdate.
  • Security Question (make sure that your security answer will be matched in the security question)
  • Security Code

PhilHealth Online Registration 55. Registration Process

Once you’re done to submit your registered application, the PhilHealth website will notice that your registration is successfully processed.

PhilHealth Online Registration 66. PhilHealth Email Confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation sent by Philhealth. It contains your “PIN“, temporary “Password” and the “Confirmation Link” for activation of your PhilHealth online account.

PhilHealth Online Registration 77. PhilHealth Login

Now, you can start to log in to your account using the “PIN” and “Temporary Password“.

PhilHealth Online Registration 88. Secret Question

You can now answer the “Secret Question” that you provide upon your online registration.

Note: There are three questions that you provide upon your registration. Those three questions randomly appear during your login, so make sure that you remember the three answers that you provide on it.

PhilHealth Online Registration 9

9. PhilHealth Dashboard

You are now successfully login into your PhilHealth online account. In the dashboard, you will see here your member profile, user settings, EPCB assignment, premium contributions and MDR printing.

PhilHealth Online Registration 10