Police Clearance is one of the common requirements when you’re applying for a new job and it also used by the employer to verify that you do not have any criminal records. It also used when you’re applying for a passport, business permit and etc.

How to Get Police Clearance

Basically, getting a police clearance is easy and its not complicated that you need too many processes to have it.

A few of requirements needed before you apply for a police clearance and it also used as supporting documents since this is a secondary identification document.

Last Updated: June 18, 2019

Police Clearance has the same thing in NBI Clearance, it is way to verify any pending or have been filed a criminal case in the Philippines.

However, Police and NBI clearance have a few difference. Police Clearance tells if you have been criminal cases locally where it was issued. The scope of the Police Clearance is limited only based to your certain locality.

Yet, the NBI Clearance tells if you have been criminal cases filed in the court of the Philippine. Its scope is not limited to only a certain locality, it covers the entire Philippines.


Importance Notice: All the requirements have mentioned above are not mandatory to bring since other cities are enough to bring a valid ID with your complete details. However, it much better to be safe to avoid any convenience while your applying for your Police Clearance.

How to Get Police Clearance

1. Proceed to Local Police Station

Go to your local municipality or city hall and there is the nearest city police station that you can apply your police clearance. You can also get a Cedula in your municipality before you proceed to the police station.

2. Police Clearance Form

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance in any duty officer or police desk officer for the application form. Fill-out the form with your complete and accurate personal details, so they can verify your personality if you have a criminal case or not.

3. Payment for Police Clearance

After you fill out the application form, you can now proceed to the payment area or the Local Treasurer’s Office for the processing. For the unemployed applicant, they pay for Php100.00.

However, there is some local government that needs to pay additional for police clearance ID card and it cost around Php100.00 – Php200.00 (price is not accurate) with one (1) year validity.

4. Data Encoding, Photo Capture, Digital Signing and Biometrics

  • Data Encoding – Return to the police station and show the OR/Official Receipt. An assistant staff will guide you for the data encoding. All the details on your application form will tell to you repeatedly facing to you a monitor so you tell her/him if correct or not.
  • Photo Capture – Using the webcam or camera, they will take you a photo so make sure to remove any earrings, cap, and sunnies especially for boys to make your appearance neat and good looking once they printout and release your police clearance and ID.
  • Digital Signing – Another requirement for your police clearance is your signature but instead you sign using a pen, you will it digitally on a device and it will be recorded to their database.
  • Biometrics – This procedure will capture your fingerprints as an authentication of your identity and it will be stored on the PNP database for your private record.

5. Releasing

Once you’re done the method of applying the police clearance, they will verify your account to make sure that you do not have any pending criminal case. The officer will call your name for releasing of your clearance. You will show them your official receipt again to claim the documents.

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