What is the Cover of SSS Benefits?

The Social Security System in the Philippines must make sure that their members are duly registered under the SSS benefits program that may qualify to have benefits against sickness, disability, maternity, old age, and death.

This law was declared under the Republic Act No. 8282, a policy of the state to develop, establish and promote the tax-exempt to the members of the social security program.

Once the client becomes a member of SSS, they’re required to have an account number and obligate to pay the contribution monthly and when the time they need to loan or used the benefits for emergency purposes. Social Security System (SSS) will be the one to provide their needed benefits.



It is paid by daily cash allowance, a member who claim the sickness or injury it will be the SSS will provide money to their members to support the medical needs of the patient.

Salary Loan

SSS members can borrow money via their employer to meet their short-term cash needs. This encashes money will be claimed after one (1) to two (2) weeks or less than depends on the process.


Benefits that can claim by the female SSS members that cannot go to work due to childbirth or miscarriage.


A member who becomes permanently disabled or partially may granted with the SSS benefits either as a lump sum or monthly pension paid.


Cash benefits as a lump or monthly pension for those members below 60 years old may enjoy their retirement benefits.


For the deceased members that under the SSS program, the beneficiaries may receive cash benefits either monthly pension or lump sum paid.


Deceased members will receive their beneficiaries cash benefits for the burial expenses.

Unemployment Benefits

SSS added a newly enacted benefits of Republic Act 11199 or Social Security Act of 2018. Members who unexpected lose their job are able to get the benefits. However the SSS unemployment benefits last for two (2) months only, which means once every three (3) years the members can received the benefits.

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