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SSS Number is one of the requirements when you have a job. It fulfills your benefits along with other government benefits that will support you in the future.

SSS Number

Social Security System (SSS) is a form of social insurance program in the Philippines. It provides benefits to their members like retirement, salary loans, maternity, sickness, disability, death, and funeral.

If you are working in a private company, it is one of the company’s requirements to have an SSS number. It is mandatory to have a contribution to your SSS account once you’re already a member of them.

There are two (2) ways to apply and get the SSS number. One is to go at their selected branches and two is to register online. I will discuss right now the traditional way procedure for applying for the SSS Number.


  1. Download and print-out the SSS E1 Form. [Download Here]
  2. Fill-out the SSS E-1 Form with your complete details correctly.
  3. Email address for SSS online account.
  4. Birth Certificate – original and photocopy (If you don’t have a birth certificate, you can submit any of the following documents/valid IDs)
    • Passport
    • Baptismal Certificate
    • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) card
    • LTO Drivers License
    • Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book (SIRB) or Seaman’s Book

In the absence of those documents/valid IDs listed above, you can submit any two (2) the following. Make sure it has the correct name and birthdate.

    • Alien Certificate of Registration
    • ATM card with cardholder’s name
    • Bank Account Passbook
    • Baptismal/Birth Certificate of children
    • Certificate of Naturalization issued by the Bureau of Immigration
    • Company ID
    • Credit Card
    • Company Representative Authorization Card issued by the SSS
    • Fishermen’s Card issued by the Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources
    • GSIS Card
    • GSIS Certificate of Membership
    • Health or Medical Card
    • Barangay ID
    • Life Insurance Policy
    • Marriage Contract
    • NBI Clearance
    • Owwa Card
    • Philippines Firearms License
    • PHIC Member’s Data Record
    • Police Clearance
    • Postal ID
    • School ID
    • Senior Citizen ID
    • Tax Identification ID
    • TOR – Transcript of Records
    • Voter’s ID / Affidavit / Certificate of Registration issued by Comelec


1. SSS Office Branches

Go to your nearest Social Security System Office Branch. [Click Here]

This is what you expect when you visit on the SSS website. Choose the available SSS office nearest to you.

2. SSS E-1 Form

Fill-out the application of the SSS E-1 form with your complete details. [Download Here] (Application form is also available in any SSS branches)


3. Submission of Application

Fall in line and submit your requirements (birth certificate or valid ID) and duly accomplished SSS E-1 Form.

Make sure that you “do not write any in SS Number box“.

4. Releasing

SSS Staff will call you for the releasing of your application. Once you received your copy of SSS E-1 FORM, you must keep and never lose because SSS number is issued in one-time only per account.


Frequently Ask Question

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