SSS online registration is now available for all the SSS members that already applied for an SSS Number in their offices. The members that qualify to register in My.SSS website is employed, unemployed, self-employed and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). The main goal of this program is to have easy and secure access to their social security system records throughout the internet.

Last Updated: Oct 2, 2019

A few easy steps to register your SSS account using their online services, which you can find on their website []. This program will help you to less your time, energy and traffic. Especially to avoid busy hours of transactions while you are in SSS offices.

Inside the SSS website, you will download and print your membership records, you can view the details of your SSS benefits to claim, able to view your posted contribution, filing and monitor your salary loan application, applying for maternity benefits, check the details on your SSS loan repayment records and many more.

Complete Guide for SSS Online Registration

Important Notice: Before you proceed to the SSS Online Registration, It requires to use an Internet Explorer (IE) version 11 since the purpose is to optimize the viewing and functionality.[Download Here] This web browser will works properly and compatible with the SSS Online Registration.

1. SSS Website Online Registration

Visit the SSS Online Registration page. [Click Here]


After you visit the SSS Website, “Click” the middle button to start your online registration.

2. Options for SSS Online Registration


You will find a few options inside the SSS online registration. Here is the list of options that you need to know.

  • Savings Account Number / Citibank Cash Card / UBP Quick Card / UMID – ATM Saving
  • Mobile Number Registration in SSS
  • Employer ID Number / Household Employer ID Number
  • Payment Reference Number / SBR No. / Payment Receipt Transaction Number

3. Online Application Form


Fill-out all the boxes with your correct and accurate information. “Required Filed” with “asterisk” is the most required to fill-out.

  • CRN/SS Number will be your current SSS Number, you must put you correct SSS Number.
  • Email Address, you must put your active email address. This is one of the most important information. You can use this if you forgot your SSS online password.
  • Preferred User ID or username in other terms. One of the requirements if you log-in your SSS online account.
  • Your basic information, last name, given name, middle name, date of birth and of course your mailing address or permanent/current address.

4. Captcha Code and Submit Button


  • In the very button of the page, you will see the “Captcha Button“, you need to enter the letters or numbers that will show at the top of the upper box. Make sure that the code generates by the system is the same code that you enter in the box.
  • Check the box option of “Terms of Service“. to be able to activate the submit button.
  • Finally, “Click the submit button” to proceed with your SSS online application in system verification.

5. SSS System Notification


Once you are done to fill-out the SSS online registration form, the system will successfully notify you that your online application form was already under reviewer on their system. The system will notification after thirty (30) minutes, so you need to check regularly your email.

I suggest using a “Gmail” account instead of other email platforms since Gmail is more reliable, secure and faster based on my experience.

Important Notice: You need to activate your account within five (5) working days, otherwise, the activation link will expire and you will need to register again.

6. My.SSS Email Notification


If you received an email from in your account, it contains your User ID and the activation link. This activation link is needed to activate your SSS online account by clicking the link button.

7. SSS Password Registration

SSS Password Registration

After you “click” the activation link, you will now proceed to the “Online Member Set Password“. Just register your assigned password in the two (2) boxes, your “Preferred Password” and “Confirm Preferred Password“. Make sure that your assigned password is the same to be able to click the “submit button“.

Take Note: This is the following settings accepted when you assign a password.

  • The First character must be alphabetic.
  • The Length must be 8-20 alphanumeric characters.
  • No special characters (No !@#$%) and must be different from the User ID.
  • (Ex. JDCruz10)

8. SSS Online Log-in

SSS Account Log-in

Now you are done to SSS Online Registration. You can now monitor and review all the transactions that you made in your SSS online account.

Here are some features that My.SSS offers on their SSS online account:


To ensure that your SSS account will be safe, do not share any information such as your User ID and Password to others. Make sure to log out properly your account when you are using a computer in a public place and lastly, change your password regularly.

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