How to get TIN ID online?. This is the common question of most Filipino people today. So “What is the TIN ID?”, Filipinos employees are required to get a TIN ID for their tax collection that will be used by the Philippine Government in any government projects.

TIN ID card - Tax Identification Number

TIN ID is made from a paper laminated id, It includes your complete information such as your full name, address, the birth of date, the date it was issue, signature, photo and your Tax Identification Number. A taxpayer who has issued a Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID card is assigned only one account and it can be used a lifetime without expiration.

The application form for Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID has a two (2) types, the BIR Form 1901 and BIR Form 1902. The BIR Form 1901 is applicable for Self-Employed and Mix Income Individuals. Yet, the BIR form 1902 is applicable for employed/for employment. This form is downloadable or usually find at BIR offices, you can ask for assistance on their staff so they will issue to you the right BIR form.

Last Updated July 14, 2019

The Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID is recognized as a valid secondary identification which also can be used as supporting documents to any kind of transaction and it can be obtained for free.

Here is the “step-by-step procedure of How to Get TIN ID” for applying and get easily your Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID.

Before We Start: You need to complete the two (2) types of requirements to get easily your TIN ID Card.

  • NSO Birth Certificate.
  • At least one (1) valid ID.
    • Here are the sample of Valid ID’s: LTO Driver’s License, Philippine Passport, Postal ID and School ID (For Students)

How to Get TIN ID Card

  1. Bring the two (2) types of requirements needed.
  2. Go to the nearest (BIR) Revenue District Offices in your town or city.
  3. Fill up the application form for the TIN ID.
    • Take Note: There are (2) two types of application form for TIN Card. (Ask for assistance if needed)
    • BIR Form 1901 – This is the application for Self-Employed and Mix Income Individuals, Estates/Trust. [Download Here] BIR Form 1901 Sample
    • BIR Form 1902 – This is the application for registration for individuals earning purely compensation income and non-resident citizens/OCWS/Seamen earning purely foreign-sourced income. [Download Here] BIR Form 1902 Sample
  4. Once you’re done, submit the form with your NSO Birth Certificate or the valid ID at the counter that they assign to you.
  5. Wait for the Tax Identification Number.
  6. Request for a Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID card.
  7. Releasing of TIN ID Card. (It is possible to release the TIN ID Card within that day. However, if the BIR office having a problem with their system. The following day will be released your TIN ID).

How to Get TIN ID Card for Unemployed?

Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID is not just for employed person, There’s some situation that unemployed persons is needed also a valid id for processing documents.

Actually, it has the same process for an employed person. So here are the 7 easy steps for applying a Tax Identification Number and its process.

  1. For an individual or unemployed account, you need to bring the following.
  2. Go to the (BIR) Revenue District Offices that nearest to you.
  3. Request for the BIR application form for an unemployed account.
    • BIR Form 1904 – This is the Application Form for Registration of One Time Taxpayer And Persons Registering under E.O. 98 (securing a TIN to be able to transact with any government office). [Download Here] (Do not forget your copy of this file and ask for assistance if needed).
  4. Fill up the application form completely and submit them including the NSO Birth Certificate or Valid IDs.
  5. Ask their staff about the releasing of your TIN ID and when did you get it.
  6. Wait for its issuance.

How to Get TIN ID Online?

Unlike the hard copy form of BIR, the online application process is much easier than the manual process. On this procedure, you will learn about How to Get TIN ID Online by registering their online application form.

Important Notice: You need to prepare your working e-mail address because the system will ask for your e-mail address and this process is needed once when they send their status and confirmation.

The registration of the Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID is valid for one user only, so make sure that you never registered before.

  1. Proceed to BIR online registration

    Important Notice: Due to system problem on bir ereg service online website, the bir advised that the e-reg services experiencing system unavailable/inaccessible starting May 9, 2019. They will be posted for another advisory once the system becomes available/accessible.
    Ereg System Problem

  2. Fill up the online application form. (Make sure all the details are accurate)
    • Bureau of Internal Revenue
      This is the sample of BIR online registration for Tax Identification Number (TIN ID Card), you must fill out all the details needed and verify the captcha code before you submit on their database. The image was taken on their website
  3. Double-check the details before you press the submit button.
  4. Now you’re done, wait for the E-mail confirmation from BIR. (you should check often your E-mail address inbox and spam folder).
  5. Do not forget that if you’re a single proprietor or a professional the Registration Fee is Php 500.00. (For your reference, this is the List of Authorized Agent Banks)

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Any updates for Fake Tax Identification ID?

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) warned the public about the fixers that offer their service to acquire the Government Identification Card in social media and promise them to process their Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID. Earlier this year, an agency released a report that BIR and Tax Identification Number ID cards are not for sale in any social media platforms. According to the agency, the only way to get the TIN ID’s is only released by their agency.

On January 3, BIR issued the Revenue Memorandum Order No. 2-2019, which declared a Tax Identification Numbers ID card as an accountable form. Additionally, the agency decides to redesign the Tax Identification Numbers ID card including the serial number.