Who Can Apply for an SSS Number?

Who Can Apply for an SSS Number in the Philippines? The Social Security System (SSS) provides a social program for those Filipinos below 60 of aged. Those individuals could enjoy their benefits while they are still members of the SSS program.


Here is the list of members that may apply for an SSS number.


probationary status, contractual and regular employee.

  • Employees in private sectors whether he/she is a probationary status, contractual or regular with below 60 years old.
  • Parent, spouse or child below 21 years old which is the single owner of a business.
  • Household service workers such as driver, maid, cook, and other similar occupation in the entire Philippines.
  • A foreign government employee which entered into an administrative agreement with coverage of the SSS of its Filipino Workers.
  • Filipino Seafarers.
  • Household service workers earning at least 1000 pesos a month is compulsorily covered starting September 1, 1993.


A self-employed person with an income of at least 1000 pesos a month, 60 years old and below should be member in SSS.

  • Professional workers.
  • Entrepreneurs such as single owner, business partners and board of directors.
  • Fishermen and Farmers
  • Workers in the informal sectors such as cigarette vendors, jeepney and tricycle drivers, etc.
  • journalists, actress, actors, directors, script writers, etc.
  • Professional athletes, trainers, coaches and jockeys.


  • Coverage of Separated Members that would like to continue contributing including the separated from their employment or ceased to be self-employed/non-working spouse/OFW.
  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) which hired by the foreign-based employer for employment abroad.
  • legal spouse of an SSS member can be qualified to get SSS number as long he/she can pay the SSS contribution.

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